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Atomic Clocks and Oscillators

For applications requiring the highest degree of free-running frequency and timing accuracy, we provide a broad portfolio of both laboratory-grade system atomic clocks and small PCB-mountable atomic oscillators based on atomic resonance techniques. Our sophisticated frequency and timing solutions can be used in a variety of applications, from secure network timing to autonomous atomic clock systems. Visit our Frequency and Timing page to learn more about our comprehensive product portfolio.

Latest Announcement

53100A Phase Noise Analyzer

Introducing the 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer for measuring precision atomic clocks, quartz and other high-performance oscillators up to 200 MHz. The intuitive PC-based interface makes it easy to acquire frequency stability measurements including Allan Deviation (ADEV), phase noise, AM noise, jitter measurements and more. The small size, rapid acquisition time and backwards compatibility with the legacy 5120a series of phase noise analyzers make the 53100A easy to integrate into existing test infrastructure or for it to serve as the workhorse for high-performance metrology applications.

MAC SA5X Board Photo

Featured Product

MAC-SA5X Miniaturized Atomic Clock

This rubidium-based atomic clock can meet your ultra-stable frequency and timing requirements when your design’s small size and power constraints prevent the use of larger lamp-based atomic clocks. This next-generation miniature atomic clock is completely redesigned for rapid warm-up time and to support a wider temperature range, making atomic clock timing available for an array of applications. New features including 1 PPS calibration and a versatile software interface to ease the design process. With its advancements in temperature stability and long-term drift rates, the MAC-SA5X enables frequency accuracy to be maintained for longer holdover durations.

MAC SA5X Board Photo

Atomic System Clocks

  • Cs beam tube with zero frequency drift
  • Active hydrogen maser for ultimate short-term stability
  • Largest install-base for timekeeping
  • Integration into time-scale applications
Atomic Clock Systems

Small Atomic Oscillators

  • World’s lowest-power commercial atomic clock
  • Ruggedized Rb oscillators for military applications
  • Low-power, low-profile and low-noise variants

Small Atomic Oscillators